Wednesday, October 7, 2009

do the good design (till the last page)

“A well-crafted visual lie can be far more powerful than a lie built solely of words, because images provoke subconscious, visceral reactions. The imagery can be so subtle that people often don’t realized they are being manipulated.” There is a good example of how visual images are so powerful is “when peter simons returned to montreal from a trip, he had a problem on his hands. The new fall 2008 junior women’s fashion catalogue for his La Maison Simons clothing store was in his in-basket, and so were 300 messages from customers upset about too thin models being used to appeal to this audience most at risk for anorexia. … it took him 15minutes to decide that there would simply be no catalogue that season.” (p125)
The author says “no one understands the powerful mechanism behind these manipulations better than design professionals, and we have the creativity and persuasiveness to make a positive change.” (149) I agree with him and this book influenced me a lot his powerful points. The designer should think oneself,
1 I will be true to my profession
2 I will be true to myself
3 I will spend at least 10 percent of my professional time helping repair the world.

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