Wednesday, September 30, 2009

book "do good design"

“Do Good Design” gave me a big impact of my thoughts about design. I somehow knew the fact that marketing has a huge power over consumers but this book gave me the reasons ,that I did not know of, which support the power of advertisement using the tool, design.
One of the striking fact that I got shocked about is the advertisements designed for children. “Before the joe camel cartoon character appeared in the 1980s, camel cigarettes had one percent of the U.S teen cigarette market. By the time joe was deported in 1997, camel had 32percent of this market, and more than 90percent of six-yr-olds could recognize joe (more than mickey mouse) p87” “McDonald’s set out many years ago to make their letter M part of every child’s alphabet, with a specific focus on long term marketing targeted at young children. A generation later, the average weight of an American has risen over 4.5 kg. consider that Americans spend 42 percent of their food budget on food served outside the home, compared to 27 percent in Canada. One fifth of the mass of municipal solid waste in the US. Today is food packaging, while obesity kills 325,000 Americans a year – more than alcohol, drugs, firearms, motor vehicle combined. P88”
Another point that I realized from this book is the power of logo. “Adbusters magazine founder kalle Lasn claims that most North Americans can only identify 10 plants, but can recognize 1000 corporate brands. P 53” and I belong to the majority group!, which i never realized and makes me embrassed about this truth.

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